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XCANEX Tutorial Series

- The scan quality, speed and performance of XCANEX in these videos are recorded in REAL TIME and NOT simulated
- PC system used (A 3-year old Dell laptop): Intel i5 CPU (M450) @ 2.4GHz, 6 GB RAM with 100GB HDD Free Memory
- Your XCANEX should not perform with significant difference if you are using a similar PC system

xcanex Quick Tips I - Camera & Scanpad Setting

xcanex Quick Tips II : Modes and Features

xcanex Quick Tips III : Book Handling & Finger Placement

xcanex Quick Tips IV - Automatic Capturing

xcanex Quick Tips V - Viewing, Editing & Managing Pages

xcanex Quick Tips VI : Tools for Fixing Scans

xcanex Quick Tips VII - Saving Scans to Files

xcanex Quick Tips VIII - Instant Access to Help

XCANEX Tutorial Series (Older versions but equally helpful)

Mechanical Installation & Basic Adjustments.

Aiming the Camera, Document Placement & Starting a Scan.

Scanning sheet documents Part 1

Scanning sheet documents Part 2

Editing, Saving & Sharing Scans - Part 1.

Editing, Saving & Sharing Scans - Part 2.

piQx XCANEX: 7-ounce Portable Book Scanner Digitizes a 16-page Chapter Into PDF In Under 5 Minutes

piQx XCANEX: Scanning Books and Magazines Part 1

piQx XCANEX: Scanning Books and Magazines Part 2

More tutorials will be coming soon.