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The xcanex bookscanner now runs on the Mac OS X! - released Dec 2016   


A glimpse of the new perfecapture3 (PFC3), released July 2015   

PFC3 runs smooth even while streaming video. It turns a chapter into PDF OCR before a song could finish.

Learn what the new perfecapture3 is all about and experience the finest in book scanning.

Download a multipage searchable PDF sample created by the PFC3


xcanex reborn with the FlatPage 2.1 Digital Page Flattening - Jan 2014   


 A Scan Station Like No Other


    • Instantly transform your laptop into a powerful scan station, or use it on a desktop with the uniquely designed foldable stand
    • Digitizes not just books & magazines, but also full page A4/letter sized documents, business cards, photographs, receipts, glossy brochures or just about anything!
    • A new way to scan - just place document below its camera and everything else is automatic, including scan initiation, page detection, crop, de-skew, orientate & finger image removal
    • Incorporates novel technologies that overcome limitations of camera scanning, such as allowing scans of glossy or folded documents, immunity to ambient light & page perspective correction
    • Ultra lightweight at 7 ounces with a streamlined design means uncompromised portability. Requires zero storage or permanent desk space
    • Integrated with useful software tools such as direct data picking, business card organizer, page manager, auto file saving to searchable PDFs & direct print or email
    • Powered by world renowned ABBYY FineReader 10 OCR Engine
    • Additional bonus functionalities as a document camera, video recorder, web camera & reading light/keyboard illuminator


From Xcanex owners

“The Xcanex has now arrived and I found it easy to set up and use.  The videos were of considerable help and I congratulate you on them.  I cannot think of any other equipment that had such extensive and useful video instructions. It works very well and does exactly what it says on the box! I hope it sells well.  It deserves to.”
D. Young

“The Xcanex is a quality product. The images produced are sharp & clear. The video tutorials & manual are excellent. The ability of the software to automatically remove fingers from images is simply amazing. To my knowledge this option is currently only available in a machine that costs around $10,000. The included Abbyy FineReader OCR program works great. I will highly recommend this product to others.”
Mary J.






Imagine the Unimaginable

Well-established libraries and archives are often equipped with expensive, huge and sophisticated scan stations enabling easy scanning of books or magazines. Unlike copiers or flatbed scanners, pages are scanned facing up which facilitates easy flipping, and pages are automatically detected and cropped. Now, imagine one such machine that magically fits snugly into your laptop bag and could be used anywhere. It is affordable - anybody could own one. Imagine adding a powerful scan station to your collection of tools but this one doesn’t eat up any of your desk or storage space. It scans not just your books but any document you dump at it. Further imagine that scan initiates automatically once it sees a new document or when a page is flipped, as if it is alive. Perfectly rotated, cropped and oriented scans appear without you doing anything. All those wild imaginations took place years ago. It is now ready and we call it the Xcanex.

Just Drop It – A New Way to Scan

“No I don’t scan. But with this, I will.”- Those were the words from a member of an audience who witnessed a live demonstration of the Xcanex during its prototype showcase at CeBIT 2012. So what is it that’s so burdensome about scanning documents? Prep work (removing staplers, setting up the scanner, separating documents) and the scanning action are definitely contributing factors. But cumbersome post processing could be the real killer. Our concept of “Just Drop It” doesn’t just imply the scanning action but also encompasses what’s left to be done after capture, which is essentially - nothing. Place the document in front of you, and that’s about it. Scan initiates automatically and the page is identified, perspective corrected, de-skewed, cropped, enhanced, orientated and with finger images removed – all done by Xcanex’s sophisticated algorithms*. You can even choose to let files be automatically saved as JPEG or searchable PDF to the folder of your choice (even to a cloud based folder like Dropbox) so that no manual file saving is required.

 *Performance of some automated features may vary with scanning conditions such as document content and finger positioning






Cameras are Not Scanners..

No ordinary camera (or document camera for that matter) is able to produce images of documents close to the quality of real scans. Taking photos of commonly found folded or uneven documents would turn out distorted with a crumpled look. Ambient light would cause undesired coloration and shadows. Images of glossy documents would have bright patches due to reflections either from ceiling lights or flashlight. Last but not least, perspective error – take a picture of a slanted page (e.g. the first page of a thick book) and the result shows not a rectangular page but a distorted trapezoid. These crucial factors differentiate real scanners from cameras.

..Until Innovation is Put to Work

Fingers actually do a great job at flattening paper - just swipe across the page and let them rest at the edges. Xcanex then captures automatically and fingers disappear from the resultant scan. Never before a letter fresh from an envelope can so easily be captured by a camera. No worries about colors and shadows from ambient lighting as Xcanex has the technology to remove almost all its disturbing effects to produce consistently high quality scans. In fact, lighting disturbances are so significantly reduced that scanned contents on highly reflective glossy pages are clearly legible even under the presence of strong ceiling lights. Moreover unlike flash cameras, Xcanex’s unique illumination doesn’t cast a bright spot on captured images of glossy materials. Perspective distortion gets corrected automatically – so even if you’re scanning a slanted book page, it will turn out as if it’s not. In the presence of innovation, everything is like magic.

Why make it Laptop Mountable?

If you use a laptop for daily tasks or one who couldn’t leave your laptop behind wherever you go, this feature is designed for you. During its development, a straightforward option was to just create Xcanex to be a simple camera on a stand but that would mean a heavy stand, otherwise it would topple. We thought hard : there must be some way to make it lighter, and then voilà! - by making use of the laptop’s lid as substitute for a stand, not only weight is reduced to just 7 ounces (200 grams) but you effectively have a scan station integrated into the laptop! Furthermore there’s no reason to keep and store Xcanex after use – just leave it in its ready-to-scan position as it won’t interfere with usual laptop usage and it doesn’t take up any desk space. That means there’s a scan station right in front of you whenever needed. For desktop users, Xcanex could alternatively be attached to a uniquely designed stand provided. It greatly reduces bulk with its foldable and streamlined design compared to conventional stands with huge and wide bases, and that still makes it more portable than most other scanners.

* Refer to system requirements to ensure your laptop is suitable for this feature

A Matter of Resolution

Without a doubt, linear sensors in flatbed scanners produce higher resolutions than area sensors in cameras. However the 600 DPI found in conventional scanners are almost never used by knowledgeable users. Not only 600 DPI files are humongous and extremely slow to scan, using half of that resolving power is more than enough to read most documents. Xcanex could have been designed with a higher resolution but by doing that would render it several times pricier and bulkier - this would defeat our purpose of wanting to create an affordable and portable solution. With its 8-megapixel image sensor, Xcanex is able to capture text characters with width or height down to 1mm with full legibility. To be sure that Xcanex suits your application, check out real scan samples here.

If your priorities are practical usability, portability and affordability, Xcanex is the answer.

So What is Xcanex?
Is it a book scanner that doesn’t take up storage and additional space ideal for use at home? Or is it a portable book scanner that’s perfect for your research work? Is it a portable document scanner that’s always with you wherever you travel? Or is it a business card scanner that allows you to “just drop it”? Perhaps it’s a convenient photo scanner for quick uploading of your favorite photographs to the web? No matter what Xcanex is perceived to be, it is definitely a powerful scan station like no other.

Learn about its years of development and growth - personal book scanning at its best.

Still unsure if the xcanex would serve you well? Get to know it more from these videos!

Questions? Refer to our comprehensive FAQ here

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Software Features


  • Scan Automation: Page detection, scan initiation, focusing, perspective correction, crop, finger image removal, rotation & de-skew, orientation*
  • Intelligent Image Enhancement: Automatically detects document type and applies either text document or graphics enhancement*
  • Page Manager for sheet documents: Allows organizing of pages before saving to Multipaged PDF
  • Page Manager for Books & Magazine: Allows scanning of all odd pages first before switching to even pages or vice-versa. Pages shall be auto arranged automatically while saving to multipage PDF
  • Data Picker: Pick selected items from any scanned page directly into destination applications like reports, emails or presentations either as images or editable texts. Alternatively, pick into the built-in canvas and save as multipage searchable PDF for concise archival
  • Integrated Business Card Organizer (BCO): Scan business cards directly into a searchable image based database without needing to save. Export contacts to phone or email address book by V-Cards.
  • Integrated ABBYY FineReader 10 OCR engine allows saving files as searchable PDF OCR,  MS-Word or RTF
  • Allows up to 4 items to be scanned simultaneously in a single capture
  • Make instant copies of documents by direct printing
  • Direct attachment of scans to email (MS-Outlook, Outlook Express)


  • Use as an 8MP document camera to provide video streaming for presentation purposes with 16x digital zoom
  • Record streaming video and audio (from PC’s microphone) and save as WMV format
  • Use as a webcam for remote conferencing


  • Allows independent control of the ultra-bright white LED to provide convenient reading light or keyboard illumination

* Performance of some automated features may vary with scanning conditions such as document content and finger positioning

System Requirements [Important!]

Recommended PC specification

  • Operating System: Windows 7/10 or Mac OS X 10.11/10.12
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 (2.4 GHz) or AMD Phenom II X4
  • Free Memory: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 10 GB

Minimum PC specification*

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.8
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon II
  • Free Memory: 1 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 2.5 GB

*Note: When driven by a system with minimum specifications, processing time may rise up to 30 seconds per scan

Requirements for laptop attachment

1)  Attachment to laptop is supported only for laptops with depths in between 8.2 to 11 inches 

2)  Requires at least a 1 x 1.5 inch clear space at the right-hand rear side of the laptop’s base for pasting of a hook tape (velcro).

For a clearer illustration of these requirements, refer to the “Mechanical Installation & Basic  Adjustments” tutorial video here

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Product Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Image Sensor
Optical Format
Active Pixel Count
Scan Area
Scan Resolution
Video Image Resolution
Document Camera Zoom
Video Recording Frame Rate
Power Requirements
Communication Interface
Video Illumination       
Scan Illumination
Dimension (without stand)
Weight (without stand)  
8 Megapixels HD CMOS sensor
1/3.2 inch
3264 x 2448
A4, Letter or smaller
Up to 300DPI
3264 x 2448, 1600 x 1200 (Document Camera)
1304 x 978, 640 x 480 (Video Recording)
16x Digital
Up to 20 fps (VGA)
USB powered
1x White LED        
1x Custom Xenon Flash Module
208.6 x 63.2 x 18 mm  
200 grams (7 oz)

Software Specifications

Operating Systems

Image Processing



OCR Engine
BCR Engine
Output File Formats

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and
Mac OS X 10.8 ~ 10.12
FlatPage Pro digital page flattening
Auto Crop
Auto Rotation
Auto Perspective Correction                          
Auto White Balance
Auto Orientation
Intelligent Text & Graphics Enhancement
Automatic Finger Image Removal
Background Whitening
Image Noise Reduction        
ABBYY FineReader 10 Engine
JPEG, BMP, Multi-Page Searchable PDF,TIFF,