Understanding PFC3's New Autocapture Mode

The new automatic capturing mode in PFC3 may be the first that truly works as it should, but requires a little understanding to master it
Automatic scan initiation or "capturing" is an important prerequisite for a serious book scanner. With it, one has to just focus on flipping the pages and nothing else. All the machines that we know of have a button to initiate manual capturing and some of them have a timer mode whereby capture happens at fixed intervals. Timers greatly reduce the pain of having to hit a button for every single page to be scanned, especially when both hands are busy keeping the book open at the same time. However it has a drawback - you have to follow its pace.

Perfecapture3: Five Years of Incremental Innovation 

Faster, better scan quality, intelligent new features, smoother operation, increased efficiency and more robust than ever
Building a good book scanner is so much tougher than we thought – and maybe that’s why book scanners today are either too expensive or not very useful. Some problems we face seem impossible to have answers but we know there is simply no shortcut – again and again we must study, think, create and experiment. Supposedly hours of work stretch into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months just because a desired result stubbornly avoids realization. We carry on because our mission is to create the world’s best book scanner for the masses and not anything less. To compromise is to defeat the purpose. So is the goal reached? 

So what actually happened from Perfecapture V2.000 to V2.107?

In short, a lot.
FlatPage, our page-curve correction feature in PerfeCapture basically underwent a major overhaul since being launched in Oct 2013. Now, it no longer requires the book gutter to be aligned to a center line – gutter position and book skews are automatically detected and you can place books (of page size A5 and smaller) anywhere on the xcanpad so long as the camera is able to see the whole book. We figured that it would be a big plus to let users flip pages without having to worry about repeatedly aligning the gutter. Curve correction is now more precise for texts printed near the gutter.