The 2019 xcanex Challenge

The 2019 xcanex Challenge is a competition in which users worldwide pitted against each other with their mastery of the xcanex bookscanner. Each participant was required to capture pages from a book in dual-page mode for 1 minute and submit a video recording clearly showing:

  • the flipping of the physical book being scanned,

  • the Perfecapture app displayed on a computer screen with the live preview of the said book, and

  • every scanned page by clicking through the thumbnail (i.e. to show how many were in fact successfully processed, flattened and finger image removed).

The outcome of the contest was judged based on the number of successfully captured pages within 1 minute from the start of the first capture.

All registered xcanex users were notified by email at the start of the contest and videos were submitted by participants via until its closure on the 3rd of April 2019. All prize monies were remitted either via or


Mr. Minh Le of Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. wins the 1st Prize (US$300) with 28 pages scanned within 1 minute :

- 1st capture - 0:09

- last capture within the minute - 1:06

first runner-up

Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim of Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia wins the 2nd Prize (US$100) with 26 pages scanned within 1 minute :

- 1st capture - 0:04

- last capture within the minute - 1:03

second runner-up

Mr. Bagus Guritno of Depok, Indonesia wins the 3rd Prize (US$60) with 24 pages scanned within 1 minute :

- 1st capture - 0:08

- last capture within the minute - 1:06

We wish to thank all participants in this year’s Challenge and we look forward to your participation in our next competition!

Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners.